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For the official roots/origin of Kyle, pick up the book Soldier for the Empire. it's a short 60 - 70 or so some page read, but it's quality.

Is this a joke thread????? No, seriously, I mean that. And are "Darth Vader" and Snowboy there really the same person? you "both" posted within like 10 minutes of each other at like 2 am, and you both seem to have some weird kind of Luke fetish going on.

Personally I hope Luke only has a cameo appearance somewhere near the begining/middle of the game. the buddy AI for part of one level wouldn't be so bad, but it seems weird enough that Luke, Han, and Leia know EVERYBODY in the SW universe as it is, I think it's a nice change to have a story without them every now and then.

I thought most of the major dorks like Star TREK? I guess it's getting harder to tell the difference these days with the Jemm Hadar... er I mean the ""vong"" invading the SW universe, that's a neat "new" idea

**cough** battletech **cough**

"Weeeeeeee!!! I just accidentally BLOOOOOOOOOOWED up the droid command ship, oopsie! he he he, say whatever happened to those other 100 driod command ships we saw orbiting the planet in the begining of the movie??? oopsie!!!! he he he"

-Anakin Skywalker (future Dark Lord of the Sith)
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