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At Rogue's announcement, Liara blushed, both humbled and honored by the geth's vow of loyalty. "I--I am honored to accept," replied the asari, "and yet I don't quite know what to say. My mother was...quite taken by Saren, in more ways than one. I suspect I shall come to need your protection, for though I am a powerful biotic, I'm not the best at combat, so to speak." She made a gentle move to "polish" the top of Rogue's "head". "Thank you."

"All right, let's cut the jibber-jabber and get to the point. We need serious decontamination here," grumbled Lux, "and unless you want to 'sic' Ona on us again, I suggest we hop to it." Finally, the organics headed for the showers, and the synthetic waited patiently, downloading updates to his framework.

When all of them emerged, clean and invigorated, Liara had a rather unearthly glow about her. "That refreshed me well, thank you, Yery," she smiled.

Yery?! What was this? The Admiral's name was Yery?! As in that upside-down-"PI"-looking letter that a rogue state called "Russia" had used back on Earth?! That wasn't the only thing that was strange about what Liara had just said. The Admiral didn't look like she was about to make Liara do push-ups for her lack of formality, either...This 'Yery' was an odd duck.
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