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Chapter 5

*Note: I putted the data of this chapter, so you can remark that the thing in this chapter are happening almost one year after the precedent one ...
Here it goes:*

Chapter 5:
“They’re not buyin' it…”

3rd of May, 21.052 A.F.R.

“What a horrible day for a mission!” complains a man while looking at the storm through the opening in the back of the vehicle. The lightings were flashing the sky, as the groups of little fluid balls dripped towards the ground. The clouds filled the vault of the heaven, leaving everything in complete darkness. Another thunder, another second of panic in a fraction of light.
“Damn it, I can feet that nothing good will come out of this.” voices a worried man, as his heavy armor was shining alongside the thunder.
“It is different from what it was a year ago. Looks like the war left its mark.”
“Hm… You’re right Trask. I almost forgot how it was.” affirms a boy with his sight hooked on the floor of the vehicle. But his sight slowly goes blank… and slowly comes back to normal… And this time he doesn’t see the floor. Instead, he sees several moments of his last ‘trip’ to Onderon. He reminds his moments in the resistance. He reminds how he was recruited in the Republic Rangers and… how he lost his friend…
But the rake up doesn’t end here. He reminds the tests he took part almost one year ago, on Coruscant. Finally, he reminds the first day of training, and how he was assigned to the first squad of the Violet Company. The memories of Colonel Rand telling in the front of 125 recruits about the new group of special soldiers consisted by them come back…
“Thanks Admiral Onasi for the brief presentation.” Starts Colonel Rand.* Now… where did I put that speech? I don’t understand why they let me do this* sighs the colonel. “Ahem… First of all, as the Admiral also did, I want to thank you all for being here!” says Atton with a clumsy effort to look serious. “You probably wonder about this new company, with the special soldiers. Well, let me tell you why we consider this company ‘special’. It is because it is made by you, Force Sensitives.” In this moment a hum composed by hundreds of whispers cover the atmosphere, thus Atton stops. Shortly, he retakes his earlier position: “It looks like a shock, no pure pazaak there, but you are all Force Sensitives, and powerful ones. Now you probably think that we will make Jedi out of you. Well we won’t!” speaks Atton with loads of self confidence from his earlier success: he didn’t look like a fool, or so he thinks. “We know from our recent history, that Jedi plus war equals more war. Then will you be turned into Sith? No… You will be turned in supreme battle machines, capable of shielding their minds of emotions in all the conditions: peace and war… 25 squads of 5 members each. Each member with his own role. That’s why you we tested you, to see your abilities.” He stops, choughs, gets his breath back and starts again: “Now let me tell you something about your roles. There will be 4 types of troopers in every squad. One type will be consisted by the war-specialists. They will be 2 in each squad. They are the closest thing to a soldier. But they are not ordinary soldiers. They will be trained in using all types of weapons and explosives. They must also present the best physical abilities. In addition, they will learn to use the Force for telekinesis. Another type of unit will be the tech-expert. They will use their intelligence for supporting the crew with weapon maintenance, security, computer and repairing skills. They will be specialists in handguns and melee fighting with vibro-cutters and short swords. They will also be the main crewmembers who will set up tactics. Their main force use will be telepathy. One squad will have one tech-specialist.” Atton stops one more time, as he observes that he’s speaking colder, thus more professional, he thinks… “The third type of unit will be a support-scout. This unit’s specialty is to use force powers to aid his teammates. As skills, stealth and awareness are the best friends of a support-scout. As weapons, enforcers, stun batons and staffs. The last type of soldiers is an all-round, with mild capabilities of the other unit types. They will be the leaders.”… One final stop. Now, I’ll assign you to your teams.
First team: The war-specialists are Ulgo and Merril, the tech-expert is Lafter, the support-scout is Vasta and the leader/all-round is Flaut!
Second team is formed from…”
Lirissian’s sight goes blank again. It comes back shortly, only to find out he’s in the truck. “What a banal and clumsy speech” whispers Lirissian for himself, his voice being covered by the clinkering of the falling rivers.
“Lafter, how more many meters ‘till the Sith checkpoint?” asks Lirissian a man dressed like a sith, who is driving the vehicle.
“1200 meters, sir. In two minutes will be there!”
“Alright! Guys, we’ve done this before, in the training. The Republic Cpt. Matnal in the truck behind us will talk with the Spiths on the checkpoint. Lafter and Matnal will try to convince the Sith that they bring supplies. 200 meters from the checkpoint is the sith camp. Once we enter the camp, we look for the intel. Try to make as few kills as possible. We don’t want sith from a camp nearby on our tail. After we take the intel, we take the truck back to the checkpoint and kill the sith there. Watch for your ammo clips.” After several moments of dark silence: “OK, we’re approaching. Activate your stealth generators.”
The truck slows down and once it reaches the checkpoint, it stops. Same for the vehicle behind. A man in a black uniform comes to the truck Matnal drives. They start talking.
“I have a ugly sensation that they know us and have a surprise for us…” says Vasta, visibly worried.
The dialog between Matnal and the sith soldier becomes louder.
“Something is clearly wrong!” says Ulgo.
“Please get out of the vehicle. We will check it out!” says the sith.
“They’re not buyin' it…” approves Lirissian. Matnal opens the door, but in the same time he puts his hand at his belt. He takes a pistol and shoots the sith.
“Damn! Abandon the plan! Get out of the car! Go, go, go!”
A sith with an rocket launcher materializes on the top of a short building. The vehicle Matnal was in explodes. Few more spiths appear.

*Note: Chapter 8 is out!*
[Fic] The war of the ancients, seen through the eyes of one young men, as he walks the road of destiny... The Triumvirates War

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