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I picked purposes for ship functions (Oh, how we talked about this in the Supa' Thread!) and outfitting your soldier. I mean, you're basically as good as the rest of your army in I and II, so a little individuality would be nice. More commands isn't necessarily a good idea. I mean, it would be a lot like Republic Commando. However, larger-scale commands, maybe something like BF2142 would be awsome. I mean, Battlefront is not war! It's a bunch of idiots running in random directions with guns! Oy...

As for having multi-ships, just like EAW, would be great. I'd love having gunboats and multiple capital ships... OOH! Maybe even a map with a Super Star Destroyer!

World-Scale maps... let me put it to you bluntly. We don't have the technology. If anything even resembling that was done, only a small fraction of people would be able to play the game. Larger maps? Yes. Three or five times more interactive and destructable maps? Certainly.

I'd also like to see a damage system a bit more like RC in this. Think about it:
RC minimum time to destroy a Super Battle Droid- 10 seconds.
BFII time to destroy a SBD- 1 second.
I like the RC one better. It would make it more like war, anyhow. You could lay down surpressor fire and build up troops. And it would be great if you survived longer, and worried about ammo and stuff. Adding mini objectives and... oh, I've said this already months ago. Every thread in this forum is the same thing.

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