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Greetings From The Grand Army

I Figured i would post a intro before ppl start wondering who the hell is this guy. As my ID states im Scorch currrent leader of GAR a online gaming clan. We started out on SWBF1 and have moved onto the next gen consoles and PC gaming.Currenty we have a true Grand Army with over 125 members along with a host of RC's I admit I have been a Star Wars Junkie from the time I saw ESB in the theaters on original release date.

Our clan is a good bunch or guys/gals from around the world with members IN the UK Norway Canada and Australia. We also have some great Sig makers that always want to design a new idea.

Hope you get a chance to visit our site at ~snip~

indeed, Mace is right. We do have a rule about outright forum advertising. However, you are more than welcome to put a link to your forums within your sig - Cz

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