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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Ok, the Bioware MMORPG is KOTOR. Argue with me if you want; You are in denial.

So, for those of us that are interested in the Knights of the Old Republic MMORPG, this is the game engine and design tools that Bioware is using for this MMORPG.

Here are a few videos on landscape building.

Default Character System.

And an interesting addition: Smart objects.

This engine is fairly new, and Bioware's KOTOR MMORPG will be the first license for HeroEngine.
Great post, I dare say best of the week. I have mixed feelings with middleware, I think that in certain cases middleware can be a good thing (Mass Effect using Unreal 3 engine) or a bad thing (SWG using a retooled Everquest engine).

I just hope that with Bioware being able to save so much time with using this middleware (Up to two years of tool/engine development [See]); that they focus heavily on unique gameplay mechanics and storyline/questlines.

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