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Rogue followed his organic team mates to be decontaminated but waited outside for them when they all went in. He leaned against the wall and waited paitently for them to come out but it seemed like hours. He booted up CHAOS and decided to give himself some updates. He updated his unarmed combat, long range combat, and his tech. When the updates finished he put CHAOS into sleep mode and waited some more. He looked and saw a small creature eating some kind of fruit. The creature looked up at Rogue but didn't seem to fear him.

"So cute...," Rogue said pulling out his pistol. He fired at the creature killing it instantly, "and yet so worthless." Rogue placed the pistol at his side again.

Rogue walked over to the creature's body and felt slight pity for it. It never even saw its own death coming. The Admiral would have not liked him shooting a creature for no good reason. Back on the topic of the Admiral he felt unsure of whether to kill her or something else, but for the time being he felt he should be nicer... to all the crew. He updated his personality by updating caring and kindness, and for his other half he updated mean, brutal, and cruel. He looked up and spotted some flowers. He decided to try to gain the women members' favor, so he picked three flowers and waited for the group to return.

"That refreshed me well, thank you, Yery,"

Rogue looked up and saw that the group had returned from their decontamination. He walked up to Shepard, Liara, and yes even Lux presenting each of them with a flower.

"This is my way of saying thank you," Rogue said cooly.

"If that doesn't make them love you, then I don't know what will... excellent manipulation," laughed the synthetic voice in his head.
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