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Originally Posted by RyuuKage View Post
not every wall, but your everday wall? you sure could. A starship or military installation is less likely since they're armored, but regular civilian buildings a Jedi would normally encounter are usually fully sliceable, hehe
We're getting into the realms of chemistry and physics here, but I don't think they would be 'fully sliceable'. The materials used in those buildings (indeed, the entire Star Wars universe) would have entirely different chemical structures compared to materials in our world.

And besides, if they're 'fully sliceable' how come there's very little in the way of examples in Star Wars? Answer: because it's easier to use a door. Just think how tiring it would be to drag a lightsaber through a wall to cut a shapel large enough for people to fit through. It might be able to cut anything, but that cutting wouldn't be instantaneous.

And only the outer hull and walls of military installations or starships would need to be armoured.

As for myself, I don't want my lightsaber to cut through 'anything', or at least an 'anything' that literally means that. I just want it to cut through things in a manner demonstrated through the films and the EU.
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