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Shepard was touched. "Flowers? From a geth? This is certainly one of the best surprises I've gotten in the last two months!" She beamed at Rogue. As for Lux and Liara, they were certainly surprised, too, but Lux had a rather odd look on her face that seemed to say, "What the hell?" Apparently, she was not used to receiving such quasi-romantic overtures from geth, either.

"Speaking of surprises," continued the Admiral, "it's time we paid the good people at VeriTech an unnannounced visit. I wonder how they'll react when we tell them we want the flagpole that stands outside their headquarters."

"They'll probably laugh us out of the building," said Lux dryly, "after they have us all escorted out by security." She, like Shepard, was no big fan of large corporations, seeing as many of them had been her targets during her days as a member of Risa de Muerte. "That's what I think will happen."

"Got any better ideas?" asked Shepard, placing a hand on her right hip.
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