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you must have misunderstood my post surely My SN27 AM2 mainboard in a shuttle P2 case will need some 'after market solutions' to make a 27cm card fit due to wires and bits in the way. Im actually investigating an interesting option using server tech known as wearout extenders. The card may fit that way without any dremel action reqd.

I'd never sell my 1600p monitor, though I'll probably eventually upgrade our main TV(SHD only) to a 1080p one for the ps3.... no hurry though.

I loves me shuttles, I just bought another G5 t'other day One of those luverly silver ones... theyre just so cool. I'll likely add one of those VFDs in future. This will be used as a htpc mainly.

SHuttle has just released their very first models with hybrid mainboards, which will be interesting for us htpc-ers in particular. Im not jumping at them though, I think fusion is going to revolutionise media pcs....when fusion eventually arrives, that is!


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