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Modding help?

Hi guys.I've done a very simple weapons Mod for Star Wars battlefront and I want to mod some more.So I got a few questions to ask as I'm not so experienced with modding games.Here are my questions....
1) Is it possible to add weapons from one faction to another?
(e.g. Tusken Raider's rifle transfers to Republic side?)

2) How do I mod the vehicles? (e.g. What are vehicle's weapons,etc..)

3) Is it possible to let the player play as a locked side like Tusken Raiders?

4) Can I change the loading screen backgrounds? (E.g. like in the starting game background and loading map background)

5) Can I change the character classes names? (E.g. like from Scout trooper to light trooper?)

Thanks for helping.In case you want to know,here's my mod at Mod DB


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