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For all of you who are planning on attending the Battle Ground chat, I would suggest that you start working on your questions now. These chats seem to go by in just a few minutes, so it really helps if you already have two or three well thought out questions ready to go. Also, to keep from bombarding LEC with the same question and to start the rest of the community thinking it would be great if those who are planning on attending post their questions ahead of time on this thread. Iíll start things off with the three following questions.

-How long do you believe the single player campaign will take for the typical gamer to complete?

-How will the battlefield be affected by air units, what units will balance them out?

-What will take the place of Age of Empiresí infantry units? There are obviously a lot of choices for archer units (everyone has at least a laser gun on the Rebel and Imperial sides), but their arenít many characters who fight with swords besides Jedi of course.
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