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Originally posted by ZeroXcape:
<STRONG>Raven whips out quality games. If JKII isn't ready after a year, they won't release a crappy project. I think they'll make their deadlines...</STRONG>
Isn't that a contradiction?
If Raven feel JK2 isn't ready by spring/summer 2002, they won't make their deadline.

To be frank, this is the one thing that bothers me about JK2's development.
From the moment I heard that the game should be out in a year even though it has only been worked on since last February, I've been a bit suspicious.
As I've mentioned earlier, I don't think it's possible to create a high quality FPS game from scratch in 15 months.
I'm counting on a late 2002 release myself and hope Raven will take the time they need to make JK2 really shine.
After all, they wouldn't want to be criticised for releasing a short game again, would they?

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