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Originally posted by Wilhuf:
<STRONG>Given that Raven won't have to pour the majority of their effort into developing the game engine, I think they'll produce a decent product in time. There is certainly enough time to develop content. Remember it is not just Raven who is doing the work. LEC are also putting in effort.</STRONG>
Yeah, you're right, Wilhuf. My concern wasn't whether or not they'll meet the deadline they've set themselves - I'm sure they will.

My only concern is that they will simply omit something that would made JKO a great game.

So far they have stated the the Dark/Light Side decision tree is being omitted, and I feel that was an integral part of what made Jedi Knight different from every other FPS on the market. It introduced the aspect of moral play, which is usually a feature only seen in some RPGs. It allowed you to choose between Light and Dark, as and when it suited your mood, and take the rewards or consequences of your choice. It does not have to be anything too sophisticated. But what I would like to see is slight changes in how the game progresses depending on whether you are turning to the Dark Side or not. Such changes would take extra time to implement - so it is unlikely we would see them.

<STRONG>The wait has been long, and Q3 tech should do fine, even early next year. Given that JKO will feature those high polycount models, and that some gamers will have pretty high-end rigs by then, I think JKO will look and play great.

Sure, Doom 3 tech will blow Q3 tech away, but then again, the dated look of Jedi Knight (even by 1997 standards) didn't ruin that game.</STRONG>
I'm personally not worried about whether JKO will look as good as some other games. It may not - but that's not a problem for me. I played JK because it was a great game - much better than Quake II, which came out around the same time and looked better. I played QII twice to the end. I've played JK many times to the end.

My point was really about Raven as a developer having to keep abreast of the tech. With so many PC games in development, many of which look stunning, they are going to be literally fighting for game sales against very strong competition, and they cannot remain tied to the Q3 engine indefinitely. I don't see it being a problem if the game is released in Spring of 2002...but if JKO was released at, say, Christmas 2002, then the Q3 tech will start looking old.

So there is a problem that they might not be able to extend the development time too far beyond their original target (even if the budget allowed them to), for fear of the game appearing dated. It would not matter at all to me - or indeed, to many JK fans - but to new gamers or those testing the Star Wars FPS waters for the first time, it may be an issue.

So my fundamental point is that some of the stuff we have been hoping for, which might need additional development time, may not even be considered so that they can get a decent game out before the tech starts looking old. That would be a shame, IMHO, but I would certainly understand the reasons behind it.

They will make it as well as they can make it. And hopefully, it will last.
(shameless reference to a quote from Blade Runner ).
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