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Ion Drum Rocker Rock Band Drum Kit - Preordered for $344.99 shipped.

Now I know alot of people are going to say that almost $350 dollars for a controller for a game is rediculous. I said the same. Until I found out that you can plug in a digital drum brain (such as the Alesis DM5 that I own), and use it as an actual digital drum set.

My old digital drum set is thrashed, the pads are more duct tape than pad anymore. A new set would easily be around 600 dollars. So for 350 dollars, not only do I get a new digital drum set, but one that won't miss hits on rock band songs on expert. Plus I less crap in my room is always a plus.


Soul Calibur IV (360) - $60 preordered

Just found out today that it's coming out tuesday, else I would have pre-ordered sooner. Cannot wait for this game

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