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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
I was just wondering, who wants to see the Original Trilogy re-done?
No. They're great as they are. They pushed movie making techniques to their limit when they came out, and they've aged incredibly well.

And, even while I like the new trilogy, Lucas has stated often enough that he's happy with all of the films.

Originally Posted by M@RS
With better animations (and more realistic),
How can you get more realistic than huge sets for the Death Star, the Tantive IV, and REAL stormtroopers, as opposed to CGI? And of course, the real models used for all of the spaceships, aliens and props. If anything, the new trilogy is less realistic than the first one.

better saber fight, ect.
Nope. That would mean reshooting the movies over again, as splicing in new footage would look terrible. The fights are fine the way they are. I'd only ask they recolour the blades to look more in line with the new trilogy - Vader's lightsaber borders on pink at times.

Originally Posted by Inyri
Lucas has already butchered it enough. >.>
Forgive me, but as i've said, I don't think he has, at least not in his eyes. Yes, everybody has their own version of Star Wars, and their own perspectives, but it's always been his vision. Maybe there were some things that he shouldn't have added to them (like the 'Jedi Rocks' sequence in RoTJ), but they're still his films.

But that's not to say we can't moan about certain aspects of them.
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