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Iv'e grown to like Count Dooku (Darth Tyranus) the most out of all the prequel Sith. I like Maul but he lacked depth I find... not that he didn't have the potential to be a major villain he just was not meant to be.

Anyway... I was a fan of Christopher Lee before I saw Episode II and to see him play as a Star Wars villain like his old friend Peter Cushing was awesome. While he is old, I like the character and while some of you are thinking... "what's up with a eighty year old Sith apprentice!?"... I see it differently. While Dooku was technically the apprentice despite being Palpatine's senior in age, his master probably lured him to the dark side by treating Dooku as an equal... a partner in crime if you will. Referring to him as "my friend" like he did with Darth Vader.

Also, the thought of a wizened, old Jedi Master like Yoda becoming a Sith is frighting. I am able to suspend disbelief and see Count Dooku as the kick ass villian he is despite his (and the actors) age. Beside's he's no ordinary old geezer...
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