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"I'll tell you what," suggested Shepard. "The znamya flagpole is outside, obviously, and there will be many security guards patrolling the perimeter, but there will also be a bunch of people inside the VeriTech headquarters wondering what the heck is going on if they happen to see us.

"That's why we need a twofold strategy. Rogue? Garrus? Snake? You three are a geth, an Infiltrator, and a smuggler, and that's why I think both of you would be great securing the perimeter in our favor. Ixlee, you go with them, because if things get nasty (which I hope they won't), you've got enough gall and guts to take any hostile targets down, just like the others do." Lux nodded, smiling and saluting the Admiral with genuine respect.

"The rest of us will be part of a 'research team', which is not a bald-faced lie because we are trying to do some research. Kahne, you and and I'll do the talking with the receptionist, the VeriTech managers, the indoor security guards, and anyone else who comes along. We're probably the best at tact and diplomacy, or 'schmoozing', out of the whole squad. Liara? I'd like you to see if you can sneak in to the main server room and access any computer consoles. Part of our job is to expose any corruption that might be used to serve or get in league with the Reapers, and we don't want Reapers spying on us." Dr. T'soni gave an 'aye, aye, Commander' and saluted. "Kallic? You salarians are second to none at this espionage stuff, and I'd like you to wander the hallways and see how much VeriTech spies on its own staff. Knock the security cameras out, if at all possible, and check out anything odd that you spot. Even file cabinets are to be considered odd in this place."

Shepard cleared her throat. "Sorry if it seems like I'm not giving you all any choice in the matter," she said. "Would anyone like to be reassigned?"
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