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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Darth_Y: I have very little faith in hydrogen mainly because of the trouble when it comes to storage.

My view, the improvement in batery/capacitor tech, and the atempts to "merge" the two techs, coupled with all the improvements in clean electricity, better grids, "smart" chargers, and an up and running distribution system makes electric powered transport the likely "winner".
I am not an advocate for the hydrogen economy, but I think it's better than nothing on a large scale, such as a powerplant producing more electricity than is demanded. I am completely against it as a replacement for electricity. Since hydrogen comes with a loss, I'm more for using electricity for vehicles than anything else. Cars can't use anything other than gas. Electric cars could potentially rely on any fuel that a local powerplant relies on... that at least is a solution for transportation.

I'm just suggesting that hydrogen is a means of storing potential energy that would be lost otherwise.
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