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Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
Wait wait, I still haven't gotten a straight answer. When you all talk about "hydrogen", are you talking about hydrogen fuel cells like in cars? Or are you talking about nuclear fusion? There's a difference that' the grand canyon.

And yes, cars can run on things other than gas. Diesel cars can be easily modified to run on fry oil. Yes, you can fill up at your local McDonalds and smell like a french fry all day.
When I say 'hydrogen,' it's always fuel cells. I'm not saying I favor this as an alternative to electricity, but it does have the advantage of storing potential energy that may otherwise be lost. I DO NOT favor the 'hydrogen economy' idea, but there are limited ways it can be applied where nothing else will suffice.

I do encourage the development of fusion energy, but it is still a long way from consideration. Even if/when it is, it may still be too expensive to be economic. Until a fusion reactor can break even in the investment to output ratio, I don't take the technology into consideration.

Even after the 'holy grail' of energy is achieved, it may still not be competitive if the capital costs are too great. Because a powerplant's capital costs are paid during a plant's life, a cheap energy to produce would still be too expensive to consider. That's why renewable energies are so expensive, despite being free to produce.
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