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Originally Posted by Hawwi Joshe View Post
I agree with what another poster said about Maul, he shouldn't have died as early and the way that he did.
Why not? Sidious didn't need Maul by that point - he'd just been made Supreme Chancellor. What happened to his apprentice on Naboo mattered little to him. The whole blockade and occupation of Naboo was simply a way of gaining the top seat in the Republic.

And, coincidentally, Qui-Gon Jinn's death caused Dooku to leave the Order, and walk straight into the arms of Sidious. And Maul would be pointless for the next phase of Sidious' plan. He no longer needed a blunt instrument such as Maul (let's face it, that's what he was trained to be).

For the next phase, he needed someone respectable, and had vast resources at their disposal. Who better than the recently retired Jedi Master who also happened to be the heir to a massive fortune? With Dooku's name, wealth, and political contacts, he was the perfect person to facilitate not only the creation of the Clone Army (through his elimination of Sifo-dyas, allowing him to take control of the creation) but also start the Separatist movement.

Originally Posted by Hawwi Joshe
If anything, I believe they should have had a battle between Maul and Dooku to decide who would keep/take the Sith apprentice role at Sidious' side in Episode II.
What would be the point? It wouldn't really serve anything, and by then it would have taken another 15 years for Sidious' plans to take hold.

Originally Posted by Hawwi Joshe
That of course would have had to end with Dooku winning somehow to further along the story plot, but that would have been a awesome duel.
And completely unneccessary. But, Dooku would have won because he is a superior fighter - Maul was just a kid with a toy in comparison.

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