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I only cheat when I play nowadays, like turning notarget on and using Jawas with guns to shoot everything for me...anyway...

Get your Force Grip up ASAP, and if you're by a ledge hurl them off and watch them die. :P

If you really want to fight, then just use Force Speed to put you on an equal playing field. Draw them into a contained area and use special moves to damage them. Or you can just avoid them until you see an opening and go in for the kill. When they use lightning, just get your HP back by draining them or lightning them right back.

Another thing...

Don't upgrade Force Drain, leave it at level 1. Then go right up to the Reborn and you can suck him dry a little bit, and he'll try to Force Push you. Immediately pull out your saber and cut him before he can do anything. Force Drain 1 is, in many scenarios, more effective than 2 or 3 because if you're not close enough it will simply grab the stuff from a distance rather than trap the enemy.

Hope this helps, I've spent WAY to much time on JA, and I'm sick to death of playing it the right way because it's too easy. Mods are good too.
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