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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Darth: Huh? Storing hydrogen is the main problem with it, making it at power plants won't solve it. Besides,single current cables dosen't loose nearly as ,such as regilar ones, and improvements are still made. Besides, excess power can be stored in damms, As for renewables not being competetive, wind power is allready competetive in many places, and the tech is improving fast. And in Brazil, ethanol is doing quite nice.
I'm not saying renewable energies are not competitive. I'm saying that behind every renewable energy is a HUGE capital investment. Although they are virtually free, they are not as great a business investment as they seem. Most people would rather invest in something that yields a higher profit than in a renewable energy.

As for the means of storing energy... if wind turbines could pump groundwater with excess energy and then have it translate to hydroelectric power, then that would be even better potential energy than hydrogen fuel cells.

The US would also have to invest 100% of the agricultural land to alleviate 15% of all our energy demands with ethanol. It's a terrible investment unless a better crop can be used... switchgrass. Brazil uses sugarcane and has lower energy demands... that's why they do so well. Corn is a terrible choice to use for ethanol... the reason food prices are so high is because we now have to import corn to substitute for what was wasted for ethanol.
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