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Originally Posted by Hawwi Joshe View Post
I'm merely stating what would have been the most appealing to the average viewer compared to the background story that many people probably do not realize.

Maul became one of the most well liked Sith of all time, how much more appealing to the public would it have been to have Maul appear in the 2nd film.
Got anything to back those two statements up? Maul has one line in the entire film, that's hard;y enough to allow him to be the 'most well liked sith of all time'.

Originally Posted by Hawwi Joshe
If you say pointless, in the EU (while not canon)
I'm sorry, are you saying that the EU isn't canon? Because it is, actually.

Originally Posted by Hawwi Joshe
Vader is tested many times by Sidious, if Vader were to die at the hands of another in hopes of becoming a Sith, it would have been allowed.
And many of those tests were there because Sidious knew that Vader would suceed. For instance, when he sent one his Emperor's hands to kill him - He was no match for Vader - he just wanted to further stir his anger and hatred.

Originally Posted by Hawwi Joshe
If Dooku had beaten Anakin in Episode III, Sidious' would not have been disappointed being that it proved he had the stronger of the two.
Where did I say that, exactly?

Not to mention coming up in the Clone Wars, Ventress is craving becoming a Sith. If Ventress was to kill Anakin then destory Dooku, Sidious' would have gladly taken her as his apprentice...
Ventress was nothing but a hack compared to Dooku and Anakin - she was designed merely to be used to test Anakin.

Originally Posted by Haww Joshe
Again, proving that Sidious' wants the strongest at his side. Another example, look at Sidous telling Luke to finish his father, Vader, in ROTJ, he wanted the strongest!
That's 19 years after all of the other events. By that time, Vader had served his purpose - destroying the Jedi and establishing the Empire.

Originally Posted by Hawwi Joshe
So pointless? Absolutely not! It still could have been very relevant in the story and not to mention, add much more appeal.
More appeal to everyone, or just to you?

Originally Posted by Hawwi Joshe
No matter which way you shake it, it still would have been awesome to see two Sith formerly battle it out.
No, it wouldn't. It would have just been another pointless opportunity for the Maul fanboys to get themselves in a frenzy, over their stupidly pointless character.

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