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My bro and I went to Best Buy at around 10:40am and got this bitch:

Played for around 4 hours straight. Got into a long straight of games between my bro and I, after about an hour the score was I think 14 to 12, me (but I had around 20% more KO's than him, showing that when I won it was by a larger margin, and when he won, he barely did most of the time). Talim doesn't do good against the likes of Sigfried because there is a range (a certain distance from him) that she's damn near useless against him. She lacks a move that I really liked from SCII and the side-step move I use a lot is modified, where she will either attack or simply jump over the person.

But it was pretty funny, I did only 4 rounds online with her and I really impressed people by doing simple things by jumping, dodging, and doing running attacks with her. Some pretty nooby people that one time. But this game is great. Best fighting game anywhere, that's for sure.

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