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X-Wing 95 plt file question

Hello everyone and thanks for running such a good forum.

I am just about to complete the XWING95 historical missions, just the last B-Wing mission left (+Bonus missions).

I then plan to start Tour 1...but I went into tour one some time earlier and did the first 3 ops. I am not happy with the scores. I did the minimum to pass the mission rather then go all out to hang around and score maximum points.

I think the way I can fix this is edit the plt file remove the tour while retaining all my training and historical achievements.
However, on the web I can only find the specification for the XWING-DOS plt file (which is different to the 95 file)
Also, I can only find XWING-DOS plt editors, or XWING-DOS to XWING95 plt converters.

What I am after is either a specification of the XWING95 plt file, or an editor for it. Can anyone here help me?
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