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Originally Posted by noachian View Post
I have a laptop. It meets all the system requirements; so when I go on the 'Instant Action' option and add all my maps etc etc then when I go to launch the instand action and play on it; crash. No warning, no "Send error" or "Close Program" nothing. What could this be? And does anybody know how I can fix this?

Does the game play fine in Campaign mode or multiplayer? What are your specs? Do you have dual core? If you have dual core you may have to shut one off to play SWBF2. The procedure is in the SWBF2 TweakGuide. The guide also has answers to other CTD issues, and sometimes refers to the SWBF1 TweakGuide because the games are relatively the same and problems for both games are usually solved the same way.

SWBF2 TweakGuide HERE

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