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Originally Posted by Da_man View Post

Here's what my desktop looks like. The Flying V on there is a work-in-progress skin for XION.

Yes, i am also a big Splinter Cell fan.
That's honestly the ugliest set-up that I've ever seen. Look, you can tidy up your start menu and keep all your programs there.
How much good can you get from having so many things on your desktop?

You can remove the blue backgrounds on the lettering with a Google search, remove the shortcut arrows, and unless you have
a 10 yearold CRT monitor, you should be able to support a resolution higher than 800x600... Just... my god...

This is what you need:
Create a new place for all your stuff, don't use XP's standard User folders. I personally used "Personal Files" in the root of your favorite drive (C:\)
  • X:\Personal Files\Music
  • X:\Personal Files\Pictures
  • X:\Personal Files\Video
  • X:\Personal Files\Programs
  • X:\Personal Files\Miscellaneous

  • Music has all of your songs, basically anything MP3, put them in certain folders like "Entire Albums", "Sound Files", "Random singles I downloaded from Limewire"

  • Pictures has all of the pictures you've saved while cruising the internets, or stuff you actually took with a camera. They all go here.
  • Miscellaneous (I call it "Pile" for no reason) has stuff that doesn't fit into other folders, and it's an area that you can
    get messy and just dump crap into.
[No picture because it's just my random crap]
  • Programs has things like game patches, updates, programs, installer files, all that jazz, pretty much anything that ends in .exe and
    files associated with that. I also keep my documents in it, all of my text files from school and other things I do.
  • Videos has anything with moving pictures, you know? Downloaded videos, game trailers, TV shows, Movies, music videos, whatever. Put it in here.

And yes, I use Vista and everything looks prettier, but this isn't
different on XP, just do the same stuff and you'll be golden.

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