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Chapter 6:
“The mission’s not lost yet.”

“Get out! NOW!” yells Trask, but the panic strikes deep those in the vehicle, as they see a rocket heading towards them. Lirissian manages to jump from the car, but the explosion still wounds him.
“Hmpf! How they dared to believe we are so stupid.” Says the sith captain, in a very triumphing way. “Take the corpses from the car and burn them. As for this living squirming maggot, take him to the interrogation room.”

Few hours late, the rain stopped….
"Everything is set. Let them burn.” orders a sith to another. The fire is set, and with the hunger of a Krayt Dragon, it spreads across the lying bodies. The spiths leave, unknowing that the Force does not lack life in the burning pile. Someone still lives…
Trask opens his eyes, only to see himself in hell. No time for thinking, as his heath resisting armor won’t stand too much longer. He jumps out of the fire. Few yards away, there was a tank with water, with which the spiths will probably put the fire out. He cools himself, but some steps attract his attention:
*Someone is coming* thinks Trask, while paying attention to the ground. When he sees two shadows on the wet soil, he activates his stealth generator incorporated in the amour. Two spiths were coming indeed. They take water from the tank, in a pathetic attempt to nullify the fire. *Too easy!* opines Trask.
He slowly approaches one sith. He takes a pistol from the sith’s belt, and bashes his skull.
“What the heck?” queries the other sith. But he is already down before he can say something else.
Trask looks at the blazing fire, in an attempt to distinguish those who burn. He realizes that Lirissian is not there.

*Damn… They all probably burn now* thinks Lirissian. He looks around him, trying to be comfortable with the small room at the first floor, waiting for the interrogator.
But he feels like something is not as it should. A piece of the puzzle does not click…. Shortly he realizes. They are not all dead. He stops thinking for 2 minutes, then he concentrate, compelling the Force to send a message:
*Trask, I’m alive. Come to help me.*

As Trask wages his possibilities on what he should do, he feels something striking his head. Now he knows what he should do.
He stands up with confidence, activates his stealth field and runs for the entrance of the camp. He sees 3 spiths. He takes a rock, and he throws it in a bush, near the sith. They alarm, loosing attention. Trask head-shoots all 3 of them. He enters the camp, heading towards his victims. He stops to think where Lirissian might me.
“What was that?”
“Here! Up here!” whispers someone. Trask raises his head towards the first floor of the building in front of him. Lirissian was staring from a window.
“Hold on!”
Trask loots one of the bodies in search of a grenade, and luckily, he finds one. He picks the door of the building, and throws a grenade, extinguishing the life of those who were on the floor. He goes upstairs, were two more spiths greet him. He stabs one, and shoots the other. His attention points to the left wall, where a door was waiting to be opened. Beyond that door Lirissian was being held.
“Thanks friend. You showed on time. After the interrogation they would’ve killed me for certain.”
“No problem. But… now that you are safe and sound, what should we do? Will we continue our mission, or we’ll find a swoop and get back to our base?”
“Hm… The mission’s not lost yet. We could take those documents and battle plans, but they are now in the other camp.”
“Well, let’s do this. I think we could handle pretty well the situation.”
Lirissian starts looting the corpses, and finds a sniper rifle. Trask finds a suitable repeating slug-thrower. They exit the building, and head for the medical lab, which luckily was unpatrolled. After a bit of healing they head out of the camp. 200 yards away there was another camp, which was heavy fortified and patrolled. Some spotlights where on the defense wall, but the 2 men squad managed to enter undetected in the camp. “Let’s head to the commandant’s office! Our papers are probably there.” whispers Lirissian. Trask shakes his head in an approving way. They enter the main building, and reach a long corridor, which they thought is unpatrolled. They shut the door behind them, and deactivate their stealth generators. At the middle of the corridor, there was a door on the right wall. Lirissian tries to pick it, but a patrol shows up. Surprisingly, he remains silent, probably shocked and panicked of what he sees. Trask points the gun in an attempt to shot him, but he stops, because the sound could alarm the whole camp. Lirissian thinks quick and mind-tricks the soldier, as Trask rushes to him. He covers the soldier’s mouth and stabs him. Lirissian meanwhile picks the door and enters the commandant’s room, which was empty. He takes the documents and takes a look over them. He sees that the Sith have planned an attack over Isis. But an attack like that should involve only ground troops. But the Sith will also send 5 Capital Ships. If they would want to bomb Isis, one Capital Ship is much more then enough.
“Something’s not right.” worries Lirissian.
Trask activates his stealth generator, and so does Lirissian. They leave the camp through the rear exit.
“Now we need transport.” declares Trask.
“Yes. Hm… You go find a swoop; I’ll head back to the camp. Something’s not right, and I need to find the commandant.”
Lirissian heads in the camp again. He sees some patrols, he sticks to a wall. But he hears something that comes past that wall.
“Sounds like an interrogation.” A blaster is fired; probably a prisoner was shot.
“This is what you will also get, if you don’t answer my questions!” says someone past the wall.
Lirissian opens the door and enters the building. He finds the main room where the commandant was interrogating.
“So you also refuse? Scum!” The commandant shots the other prisoner. He prepares to exit the building, but Lirissian appears in his face and punches the officer, who is knock-downed on the interrogation chair.
“What’s with the Capital Ships?” asks Lirissian.
“Burn in hell, scum!”
“This is what you will also get, if you don’t answer my questions!” says the boy pointing at the dead Republic Soldiers.
“You don’t intimidate me, boy. I am a Sith!”
Lirissian starts to get angry. He’s eyes go from bronze to yellow, and his diagonal cuts on the face start to degenerate.
“Now do I intimidate you?” says Lirissian with a very accentuated anger.
“I…will…not…” voices him with growing fear and panic. But Lirissian’s breath goes slower, and slower, as his face inspires more and more fear.
“They... The ships… will attack Dxun… the Mandalorian army, to eliminate… any possibility…” but he cannot finish his sentence. Lirissian stabs him.
“This is all I wanted to know.” says the boy. He calms himself, and after he leaves his anger, he goes outside the camp, where Trask was waiting him with a swoop.

*Note: Chapter 8 is out!*
[Fic] The war of the ancients, seen through the eyes of one young men, as he walks the road of destiny... The Triumvirates War

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