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"Right, boss. Jyot, you might want to get your tools ready. Zip isn't going to enjoy this."

Kadis shot his arm out and grabbed the droid, orienting it's dart-launcher well away from his face. "Come on, then." The small droid attempted to fight with it's repulsors, but it wasn't going the droid's way. Kadis tucked it under his arm and headed for the cockpit.

"Unhand me!"

Kadis thumped the droid against a bulkhead as the door to the cockpit opened. He reached down beside the door and picked up a small holdout blaster. "I've had about enough of you." He pumped a stun bolt into the droid, dropping it to the deck.

Whistling a jaunty Brentaal tune to himself, he opened up an interface on the main console and plugged the little droid into the navicomp. After a few moments of searching it's memory banks, it pulled up a set of coordinates off the datacard the droid was storing. Good enough.

He settled back and put his feet up, started up the local broadcasts.

A horrible discord of alien shrieks and loud thumping noises bombarded him. He switched the channel, rubbing his ears. Damn Verpine music. He switched it to something a little less hellish and chaotic and punched up the ship's sensors, keeping his eye open for an Imperial warship coming around the planet.
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