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Yeah, the only reason why I take this kind of cleanliness to heart is to show computer invalids that they don't need to buy a new $2000
computer to have a good set up. Now, I know I'm going on a tangent and this isn't really Da_man's deal I've been on other people's
computers and it just drives me nuts how many icons they have, how mixed up their files are, how crappy everything looks. Then they
see the out-of-the-box desktop of a Mac and immediately think it's the hottest stuff on the planet.
Ehh, oh well. I guess it's just up to the individual, I can't tell them one thing or another.

Also, Da_man, get a Photobucket account. They allow larger sizes.

Also, don't take my annoyance personally, if I was this critical of anyone with a messy desktop and filing system, I'd go nuts and
probably kill a bus-load of people with a chainsaw before I went to the grave. Also, this whole thing has made me realize that I
may have a very minor form of electronic OCD. Basically, I like my electronic screens clean and scratch-less, and my folders all
sorted. Meh, being organized isn't a crime, is it?

PS: Get rid of short cuts for games that require the disc to be in the drive, when you want to play it, you're going to put it in
anyway, delete those game shortcuts and optionally put a shortcut for your CD drive on there instead.

8-01-08 EDIT:
Oh, I just realized why I'm such a neat-freak when it comes to my desktop - It's because I like to find the prettiest and most
artistic desktop wallpapers that I can get my hands on, then show case them with minimal icons covering it up. And looking at
my "Wallpapers" Folder, it's over 540mb in size with over 700 files. So I try to be prolific and enjoy the pretty pictures. :V

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