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Oh God, not another got some very good ideas, though. I don't quite agree with the no-stamina-required for the block. I agree that you shouldn't just have drained stamina by holding up your saber, but actually blocking the projectiles should take up either the same or half the amount of health that getting hit would on the stamina bar. If that confused you, simplified:
No auto-degen, (Rocket Damage) == 50% or 100% of stamina, same with everything else...either the same on stamina as health or 1/2 stamina as health.

I think that there's only so much that you can do with the AI, and if they spend too much time trying to actually create Artificial Intelligence rather than the customary Natural Stupidity, the game would take even longer to come out for PC...and we don't want a game that's too large.

I think it's pretty much a common agreement that you should be able to plunder weapons, although the skill with the weapon should depend on the class. For example, an Engineer should have very little skill with a sniper rifle, perhaps increasing mouse sensitivity...I don't know how they'd do that, and it's actually a pretty unreasonable request. An alternative would be to only plunder weapons from your own class or equivalent of your own.

Designing isn't too big of a deal for me, the movies have already come out, so some of the looks are already set, and you shouldn't only be able to customize certain units (the ones not seen in the movies). Now, perhaps a point-based system could work for designing a completely unique soldier. But, the original classes should just be left alone.

To elaborate on my suggestion, you could start with, for example, 2,000 points. Each weapon would have a certain number of points attached to it...let's say that the Sniper Rifle was worth 500. The value of the Sniper Rifle would be deducted from the point total, leaving you with 1,500. I have a feeling that somebody is going to comment on the fact that I did the math...
Also, certain features should cost points, too...example, the cloth on a Heavy Trooper, coloration (say, five points per color used), visor shape, things such as that.

A Melee attack really should have already been added, but, being lazy as usual, the developers left it out in, hopefully, in this game, they will realize that a soldier is not going to fire a pistol at an enemy when they run into them around the corner.

I myself like the HUD from the Unofficial 1.2 Patch, but I can see what you mean. That's not the kind of HUD you'd expect. The HUD's already out now make it seem like it is for the player's benefit, which makes no sense since the game is an FPS. I wouldn't mind a 1st Person cockpit HUD with features such as
Are you locked on?
Is an enemy locked on to you?
Is there an enemy behind you?
Attitude Indicator...don't know how that would work in Space, but they could still add it.
Again, things such as that.

I'm not sure about it, but since the game is already supposedly announced to be out sometime in March 2009 on all platforms BUT PC, I think that it's safe to say that the developers are either working on it behind the other projects or have yet to start working on it at all. So, there's still time for them to mend their ways...I hope.

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It is LucasArts.
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