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yes I know that there are many wish lists out there but I mostly wanted to know if mine was to be well received, or trashed or even added to. what I didn't expect was a well put together argument that made me realize how little thought i had put into some of the aspects on my list.
but Firstly, I forgot something. more modes, like no vehicle mode, ammo mode, etc. And I do know that this would increase the wait but I personally think that if they had to delay the release date for this, i wouldn't complain.

Something else I forgot to mention. having more single player campaigns like through the old republic and new republic. playing as the old republic in the old republic and the new republic in the new republic. this would also give alot of new maps and more factions. Now that's something I've dreamed of

and the A.I issue is a bit of a reach seeing as the expectations are so high for this game and that they will be working on so much that they might leave it out. But I'm thinking back to SWBF II and thinking of some of the awful glitches or stupidity in the NPCs.

taking weapons was actually an argument me and my friend had and he used close to the same arguments you used, as you said I agree with some units being impaired with certain weapons. And I think they could make that work. another example for the engineer with sniper rifle, perhaps they could sway the scope for unsteady hands with that weapon. Bur I still think its a good idea even if its just picking up grenades or pistols.

I think that yes the 501st should remain as they were but I'm talking about the E.U if they use it in other legions from the republic or others. and yes the looks have been set, but there are the commanders who customize they're armor, and I think that they're should be a bit of custom. even if its just making your own region for instant action or galactic conquest.

And when i say the blocking should not take away stamina i mean if your just holding block without getting hit your stamina should not go down. if your getting shot that's a different story, i should have made that more clear in my first post. plus i think that instead of deflecting missiles you should be able to force push them.

I certainly hope it's coming for PC. especially since that and the wii are the only platforms i have.
Thanks for posting a great argument and I hope to god that SWBF III wil live up to expectations

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