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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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Alec continued to smile himself as he headed back to his room, he knew the crew would probably just hang around the ship while they travelled to Hapes but being the Captain his work was never done. As he walked through his door he turned and pushed the door close button on the panel by the side of it.

He jumped when he turned back to face the inside of his room as the Jedi appeared before him. “Will you stop doing that!” He shouted so loudly that anyone outside his room could probably hear him.

“How’d you like me to do it?” She asked rhetorically. “Have a theme play before I appear?”

“It would help.” Alec replied quickly realising how stupid he sounded. “Look if you’re going to rattle around in my head, be courteous.” He sighed deeply and walked over to the chair and slumped himself into it. “What do you want this time or have you just came to spook me?”

“I feel a disturbance in the Force. Someone on this ship is strong in the Force.” Son’ti informed.

“Really.” He said deadpan. “A ship with a Cathar on board has Force sensitive. Wow.”

“Don’t mock me Tanis.” She said. “I’m perfectly aware of the Cathar, but another on the ship has power they’ve only just discovered.”

Alec thought for a moment. “Jyot, it would explain how he gets all those women with a face like that.” He joked.

“Trust me Alec.” The incorporeal Jedi stated. “There is more to one of your crew than meets the eye.”

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