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Originally Posted by shukkoku View Post
taking weapons was actually an argument me and my friend had and he used close to the same arguments you used, as you said I agree with some units being impaired with certain weapons. And I think they could make that work. another example for the engineer with sniper rifle, perhaps they could sway the scope for unsteady hands with that weapon. Bur I still think its a good idea even if its just picking up grenades or pistols.
Why not just do it like the battle field games where when you pick up an enemies kit, you become their class, thus taking away the need to spend an extra month just to balance out every weapons effect on every class.
Originally Posted by shukkoku View Post
And when i say the blocking should not take away stamina i mean if your just holding block without getting hit your stamina should not go down. if your getting shot that's a different story, i should have made that more clear in my first post. plus i think that instead of deflecting missiles you should be able to force push them.
Dont you think that jedi are overpowered enough, making it so that they can just leave block pressed down and be immune to every single sniper just makes them more of a cheap and overpowered class.

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