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Originally Posted by bokkenblader56 View Post
Double posting is awesome, man. Keep up the good work and ignore everyone who tells you that there is an edit button for a reason. And if you either had enough time to check that movie scene or watched it enough that you have it memorized, something is wrong. So very wrong...

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Maybe that's it. And you may not have noticed, but most snipers use close-range combat without a reticule, which is hard. On maps like Geonosis, what do you expect?
Ooh, no a sniper! They're cheap! Using a sniper on a map made for snipers is SOOO much worse than using an engineer in Polis Masa or Tantive IV!
Damm man why are u talking to me anyway wiseguy,

Double posting is awesome, yes indeed if i reply to 2 different posts. And the thing where u talk about 'something is wrong. very very wrong'. Plz explain, i don't get it.

And maps aren't made for snipers only, just fight normal with standard inf, and not from a distance, and if u do close combat with sniper, so be it that is ur own stupidity.

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