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Originally Posted by NL_Sudentor View Post
why are u talking to me anyway wiseguy?
Forgive me. It is possible to respond to more than one post without double posting.

Originally Posted by Bs|Rogue52 View Post
Off topic again this thread failed from the start anyway, there is no topic to follow.
Relatively true, since it's making a nonexistent game into insane reality.

Former point proven. And, Jawa, I'm aware that my post was both off-topic and pointless (although this whole topic is, for the most part, pointless). The part about "using skill and honor" just pissed me off. Indulge me one last off-topic post in this thread. Unless I have to further defend online snipers.

Sudentor. A sniper is a part of the game. It was intended as a long-range combatant, so there's really no shame in using it from a long distance, any more than there is in a heavy trooper mining a narrow choke point. However, using a sniper at a close distance is not "your own stupidity," it merely requires more skill than using "standard inf." If you'd ever fought Bs|Rogue52 or [GFAQ]Rogue52 and then tried it yourself, then you'd realize that a close-range sniper takes quite a lot of practice and skill...more so than the spray'n'pray capabilities of the "standard inf." In fact, most people that play as snipers tend to use close range, so you don't have much to complain about except on sniper-specialized maps.

Unless, of course (going back on topic), a sniper using [the rapid-fire sniper rifle that has a reticule] included in SWBF3 comes after you. Then you can call them cheap.

Originally Posted by LordJhredmo
It is LucasArts.
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