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Well, I used to be an avid Nintendo fan up until I moved down to North Carolina in March of '04. After seeing my step-brother play through a lot of Fable and, overall, just realizing the Gamecube uh...sucked for the most part, I bought my own Xbox. In late October or early November I saw him playing KotOR on the Endar Spire as apparently one of his friends let him borrow it. I can't really remember, but I guess I played it myself on some of Taris and maybe Dantooine a while, loved it, and then bought my own platinum hits copy. I just hooked up my xbox to see the date on my first playthrough and it was November 28. So, I never even heard of KotOR for over a year and a half and I got it sometime in early-mid November '04.

I don't remember when exactly I got TSL. I know it was in '05, relatively close to to the release date. I bought the guide with it, too. I probably should have checked the date while I had my Xbox connected eh? Ah well, I know my last, and second, playthrough was in '06. Since then, whenever KotOR creeps into my mind, it's the the first KotOR. I don't remember too much about TSL. Once Team Gizka finishes though, I'll be buying it for pc, for sure.

I've always envied pc owners of games like KotOR because of one thing: mods. I don't even want to play 360 Oblivion anymore after seeing the kinds of mods it has on pc. Lately, I had been looking up mods for KotOR as I was getting interested in it again. After seeing how much better the game could be with all the mods, I bid on a brand new pc version on eBay and won. I'm currently playing it with lots of mods installed.
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