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She really shouldn't have done it. She knew it was a stupid move - simply stealing the speeder in the first place could have gotten them in a lot of trouble. But hell, no one would be able to pin her as the one to have done it if she managed to ditch it quietly, without anyone getting a really good look at her. But...the temptation had just been too strong. It'd been a long time since she'd had a few extra credits stowed in her pocket, seeing as she'd been stranded on that ice planet for quite some time without much work. And that had been a nice speeder; expensive, with a lot of expensive parts that were easily removed, since she'd already dismantled the dash.

Tossing the extra credits down on a corner of her still-closed footlocker, she mused over her moves just a few moments ago as she pushed the hood of her jacket down and slid the goggles off her eyes, allowing them to rest in her spiky orange hair as she reached for the zipper of her jacket. Sliding it down, she slipped the extra layer of clothing from her shoulders with a sigh. She hated having to dress with silly things like thick jackets like that - they were bulky and annoying, often getting in her way. Thus, as she hung it from the hood on a corner of her bunk, she could feel nothing but relief to have it off.

She had been careful enough when she went to pawn off the parts. She'd had her hood up and her goggles on - and since she wouldn't be staying long, it was probably a common enough sight to see. No one would think that particular detail suspicious on a cold planet like this, right? But even with the extra precautions to hide her face...well, there was always the chance that someone might have recognized some detail of her, and followed her back to the ship. Then they could be in trouble...and it was for that reason that she hoped they jetted out of here as fast as they could.

After stowing her goggles away, she flexed her slowly-thawing fingers, trying to gain the feeling back into them as she buried them once more in her leather work gloves. Meaning to find something to entertain her - most likely something having to do with a mechanical aspect - she paused as she passed through the dorm door, her stomach growling conspicuously. Well...some warm caffa to heat up her hands didn't sound too bad...and she was certain that there would be something to snack on back in the galley.

Of course, all thought was forgotten as she came upon Latch in the middle of one of the corridors. She froze instantly, her eyes wide as she saw the cup...floating in midair. She looked from the mug to the gunner, and back to the mug again. "That's not normal." she said - understatement of the year.

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