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Kyo was up and moving before the scream had even finished echoing through the inn's open windows. The early patrons - who had come in for an early lunch at this point - had barely even stood up out of their chairs, curious as to the source of the scream, by the time the green-eyed warrior was barelling out the back door of the building, his blade in hand.

He took the slope at a run, his boots kicking up an extra plume of dust as he picked up the speed after catching sight of the situation. The Kraken's tentacles were just lifting into the air for what appeared to be a second attack as he sprinted the last few feet to the sand, and surprisingly, a dark grin had caught his features. "Just what I need," he said, "A bit of an after-breakfast warm up."

The sheath fell away with a flick of his thumb, revealing the gleam of the naked blade as it fell to the sand. A Kraken was one creature that he'd never actually encountered before - and one that he had never really bothered to study on. Mostly keeping to deep water, he figured that he would have no use of the information...but at this point, he was rather wishing that he had bothered to study. Ah well. There's a first time for everything - and a bit of trial and error would be rather...entertaining. With so much excess adrenaline running in his veins from his terrible mood - and though he wouldn't admit it consciously to himself, the sudden terror that Aya's scream had brought - Kyo was actually looking forward to this particular fight.

The merchant was still practically prone in the sand, having just been deposited by Xan to get her out of the way of the fight. The warrior didn't even pause in his speed - he jumped right over her small frame, and hit the ground running again. "You can't be left alone for more than a minute without stumbling into some sort of trouble, can you??" he called to her over his shoulder as he slid to a stop, watching the tentacles warily as he held his blade at the ready.

Apparently assessing this new target, the Kraken held the tentacle slithering in the air for an extra moment before making a strike at Kyo - but even with the delay, he was ready. Side stepping as if in a dance, the warrior's silver blade flashed through the air as it came down, hacking at the tentacle as it crashed into the sand. The Kraken roared - an unearthly sound that rattled one's eardrums - in agony as the blade sunk halfway through the flesh, stopped only by the bone. The tentacle whipped up into the air and flashed down again in anger - but that was the Kraken's mistake. Stepping into the other direction this time, Kyo didn't even wait for the blow to land. Before the tentacle hit the sand again, he took the hilt of his sword with both hands, and with one mighty swing, seperated the part from the whole entirely. It went cartwheeling into the air as another almighty roar ripped through the air, the tentacle withdrawing over the water.

A satisfied smirk crossed Kyo's lips as he snapped the blade to his side - causing the blood dripping from it to spatter into the sand.

((Sorry I haven't been posting again, guys - I took a trip to the mountains with the fam ^.^'' But I'm back again! And... just as a request, I was hoping that the Kraken not be finished off entirely before my next post. I have a bit of a plan for Kyo :3))

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