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Originally Posted by Starman_x View Post

Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Korriban, Manaan. (Last two interchangibly)

Kashyyyk is always first, as Jolee is my favorite character in the first one, then Tatooine to do those pesky character missions. The reason why for Korriban to be third, instead of last, is I like bringing Bastila with me. It also is largely depended on whether or not I feel like it.
What do you mean "bringing Bastila with you"? Is there a mod that changes whether or not she stays behind... I do remember something like that in youtube.

I always do Korriban last to ensure Yuthura doesn't leave the sith until after Dantoinne was destroyed. I have no doubt that Revan went to Korriban last, so she didn't die in the attack in the canical version.
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