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Free Radical!?!?!?!?

I have heard rumors that the studio Free Radical is making the Battlefront game. Of course I have done some digging.

What I have found out is that (supposedly) Lucas Arts have said that they're changing the studio from Pandemic to an anonymous studio. Finding other leads I have found links to the studio Free Radical, well known for the Time Splitters series, Second Life and HAZE.

On the Free Radical home page under games there is a "Secret Lucas Arts project" which is believed to be Star Wars Battlefront III. Is this true? no one knows, and only time will tell.

I know that Free Radical has royally screwed up with HAZE, or at least that's what I heard because I do not yet own a PS3. And I am virtually unaware of Time splitters seeing as it never hit main stream gaming up to my knowledge. But, if they make SWBF3 will they ruin the franchise or will they heed to Lucas Arts and make the next best seller.

I personally think that Free Radical would make a good SWBF3. My only fear is that if they don't capture the "idea" of battlefront being a class based game that focuses on the freedom of doing what you want, how you want, where you want. It's a gamble and I'm hoping that they are making it, if not for they're skill as a studio, but as means of knowing that it IS on the way. either way I will be very curious as to the results.

Now I want to hear your opinions. Do you believe Free Radical is making it? what will happen if they do? what do you think of the studio? or any other opinions regarding the subject.
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