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Today, we are introduced to someone else...a farmer with a...disturbing history. Comments appreciated!

The farmer
“Well, well. Who do we have here? Old man Yan-Ze coming to do the monthly shopping?”
The shop owner was looking at Yan-Ze sheepishly.
“You know I’m not that old, Janice. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”
Janice Nall laughed. “Life as a farmer must be very hard then!”
Yan-Ze ignored the comments. Janice never questioned his motives. She was the only one. Many shopkeepers still recognized him a bit from an event years ago. Despite his changed appearance and scars he still didn’t feel safe. But Taris was simply the only planet he knew exceptionally well. He had the advantage here.
“You know, I finally sold that T-3 unit. Candarous, Davik’s enforcer, bought it recently. No-one has picked it up yet though.” Janice said.
“Good that you sold it. I never liked that Candarous though. Just a filthy Mandalorian.” Yan-Ze answered. He had bad memories of the Mandalorian Wars. At least this new Jedi Civil War didn’t draw him in.
“Well. I think I have everything right here. Thanks, Janice.” Yan-Ze walked towards the counter.
“No problem…I do have something to say though. I can’t get all your other stuff through this damned Sith blockade. I’m sorry. I will keep a little stash behind for you…but it will take time before I have those irrigation droids back. And the seeds from Kashyyyk will take even longer. I heard Czerka is having problems with the Wookiees.” Janice looked at him, her eyes waiting for Yan’s reply. Despite her quick Twi’leki language, Yan understood every word she said
“All right. No problem. I expected this would happen sooner or later.” Yan-Ze threw some credits on the counter and turned around, a box filled with farm equipment in his hands.
“Thanks for understanding…it’s tough with this blockade in the air.”
“Yeah. I know. I’ll see you next week, Janice.” Yan replied, as he walked outside into the Tarisian sunlight.
He walked towards the Southern part of town, where he had parked his speeder. Suddenly, a Sith patrol blocked his path.
“What seems to be the problem, officer?” Yan asked with the most polite voice he could muster.
“You see that, farmer? That’s an escape pod. Dropped here down from a Republic cruiser called the Endar Spire. No sign of the survivors though. And we do have eye-witnesses that claim they saw two people crawl out.” The Sith commander replied.
Several bystanders looked at Yan, surprised by the willingness to talk from the Sith commander. They weren’t exactly known for being talkative.
“Well, thanks a lot. Can I get my speeder now? It’s right over there.” Yan asked.
“It’s not going to happen sir. It’s part of a crime scene. The possible Republic fugitives might have left evidence on it. The droid are looking on it right now.” The commander replied.
Yan looked around. No-one was looking at him directly.
“You will give me my speeder back, commander.” Yan said.
“I will give you your speeder back.” The Sith replied. The Sith turned around and in a matter of minutes Yan-Ze was flying away in his speeder.
“Pfff. Escape pods on Taris. What’s next? Why the hell would the Republic go into Sith territory?”
Yan mumbled while steering his speeder over Taris.
“It’s downright stupid. I feel sorry for those survivors. They’ll have every Sith on Taris looking for them.”
Arriving at his farm, Yan-Ze quickly brought his newly purchased droid parts inside and went for his bedroom. Taris had en strange feeling about it. A feeling of upcoming pain. A feeling Yan-Ze knew all too well. And he knew his feelings were right most of the time.
He found what he was looking for in a closet. A little box, locked. He grabbed his necklace from his throat and used the key on it to open the box. Inside it was the item he had sworn to never touch again. An item that saved his life seven years ago. An item that almost killed him too.
With hesitation, he picked the familiar metal cylinder up.

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