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Yes my life is so lame i had time to go and find this post that sums up what you said, with some other details in case you need a refresher.

Originally Posted by Onihikage View Post
Let's examine the evidence we can rest assured is valid: the evidence on FR's website. In the Games section, we can see beside the "Top Secret" picture a title: "Secret LucasArts Project (NextGen Platforms) - TBA" Let's assume (for lack of REAL conflicting information) that the "project" is BFIII.

First of all, we can make a note of several things:

1) The game will be classified as "NextGen"
2) The game will be on more than one "NextGen" console (note the plural "platforms")

Looking at the other games on their list, we realize more things about their game production habits. Firstly, observe the consoles their games have been released on:

PS2 / PS3: TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2, Second Sight, TimeSplitters Future Perfect, HAZE
XBOX (none on 360 yet): TimeSplitters 2, Second Sight, TimeSplitters Future Perfect
GC: TimeSplitters 2, Second Sight, TimeSplitters Future Perfect
PC: Second Sight

From the above information, I make these predictions on the unknowns on the page:

TimeSplitters 4: PS3, XBOX 360
Secret Project: PS3, XBOX 360, PC

Now my reasons for the predictions are these. First of all, "NextGen Platforms" must logically include both the PS3 and XBOX 360, so they are given (obvious, I know). If the "Secret Project" is indeed Battlefront III, It will probably be on the PC. The reason I believe this is because PC games are easily moddable and therefore last much longer in the higher ranks than comparable "static" games. I would have lost interest in Empire at War and the Battlefield series long ago if it weren't for the mods available for each.

From a marketing perspective: the PS3 and XBOX 360 are the most powerful NextGen Consoles on the market, and would be the best picks for a FPS with as big a hype as Battlefront III. Both of the other BF, as well a substantial amount of other Star Wars games have come out for the PC if at all on the consoles; this therefore means that many fans of Star Wars games will have a PC, because of the volume of good games for it. I doubt FR would ignore such a large portion of Star Wars gamers.

In short, more gamers for a console = more buyers = more $$$; the vast majority of SW Gamers either have a PC, or a console from Sony or Microsoft (or all three, as some have). The smart thing would be for them to create an easily moddable version for the PC, then give the two console versions a whole bunch of extras that couldn't be duplicated by mods on the PC. This would create double sales from many who own a PC and a Console - the gamer buys the PC version for the mods, and the version for the console of their choice for all the extras. I'm starting to see more games built this way in the attempt to get more sales on the same game, and the people at Free Radical are clearly not stupid; they'll likely attempt the same. The only difference is they'll actually be successful.

Those are my reasons: FR will make BFIII on the PS3 according to FR's production habits, on the 360 (because it's another NextGen console), and the PC because LucasArts / Battlefront tradition dictates it to at least be on PC. Another reason that applies to having all three is so the game is available to a wider range of gamers, and therefore make more money.

To whoever said it above: yes, making video games costs a lot of money in itself, but it would actually be more expensive to make two video games than it would be to make a single game on multiple consoles; why do you think they do it all the time?

To jawathehutt: I think it'll be 4.5m O, but 2.25m O2, depending on whether you wanted the natural diatomic state or not (I think, seeing as how there'd be 1.5m O2 and 3m O in CaCO3). I could be wrong, but I don't have my chemistry teacher on hand to ask, so I'll go with the answer of 2.25m of O2. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

But I digress... oh, and about the LucasArts "dropping" Star Wars? To that I say, "A bigger load of yellow journalism I've never seen." (I could say worse things, but that would be against my religious principles) LucasArts formed a PARTNERSHIP with Free Radical, that's not the same as dropping Star Wars and handing it over to some other company. It'd never happen in the first place though, so why even bring it up?

If I've made any goof-ups, please point them out so that I may correct them. Thank you!

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