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just some more setup related info for those that may not wander towards the group area

* * *

The standard client has been updated to version 6.2. Same download link as above

GPU clients:
some great work has been done to enable folding functionality using your GPU(graphics processing unit)

ATI and nvidia cards are supported. Those with nvidia 8xxx series and higher are particularly encouraged to have a go.

Setup for nvidia cards.
1. You must download the CUDA enabled graphics drivers... (nb. this link is still OK, though the driver sets are the same as nvidias main driver sets which now incorporate CUDA as standard)
2. Install nvidia graphic drivers as per usual procedure(ie. uninstalling previous version>restart>install>restart
3. Download the GPU client here >>

unless you are happy to play in dos boxes, download the GUI enabled system tray client(as opposed to the console client)

Setup config same as standard client(first post) > ie. your username and 140370 which is the LFN team number. Leave everything else on default unless you are an advanced user.

Those with ATI cards, read the FAQ setup is similar

Performance using your GPU is *MUCH* quicker than using your CPU. I have a dual core 3.0GHz CPU and it generally takes me 1 day to get through 1000 frames. Using the GPU client with my 8800GTS, I knock off 25000 frames in under an hour(whilst still doing other stuff on the pc). I havent let it run too long yet undisturbed, which it will be doing this week)

Using the GPU client taxes your CPU minimally.

If you are super keen, you can run multiple clients, for your GPU and each core of your CPU. (which explains how some people with higher end kit get 10-20,000+ points per day!) Points are actually calculated according to your systems performance compared to their 'benchmark' system which is a P4 2.4GHZ (IIRC)

Here's what the pretty nvidia clients display looks like, ATIs is similar. Though its not recommended you have this display on too much, as it chews up resurces. Good for screengrabs, geekbragging, or trying to impress someone sufficiently to joining the folding program

Please post here if you need any further SETUP assistance. If you are up and running, feel free to join the social group mini-forum we have created for folding participants


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