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By the time Kyo was done slicing one of the tentacles off the Kraken, Toa was already using his ability to try and boil the water as Xan had suggested. The only problem? Boiling the portion of water the creature was in was like trying to heat up the entire ocean, and the creature had no intention of letting him try. Two tentacles shot out of the water towards Toa and were immediately incinerated as he threw two fireballs to meet them, withering stumps afterwards. It seemed like that this was actually going to be an easy monster from that performance, except when the disturbing truth revealed itelf.

Kyo, Xan, and Toa had all severed a tentacle, and now two tentacles were practically growing from the points of detachment. The two that Toa had removed now became four and they all turned towards him like they had Kyo, like individual predators assessing him.

“Out of the pan and into the fire,” Toa said to himself lighting up another two fire balls with his hands and a fire dragon materializing behind him, ready for a fight. “Not my kind of fire. Normally less slimy and hotter.”

The four tentacles lunged at him in a frontal assault and the pyromancer took two of them out with his fireballs before his dragon flew forward to tackle the remaining two. They grappled around the dragon for a moment before withdrawing from the heat and the two Toa had taken out a few moments before again doubled, making six. Six made by him in a few short seconds and four from the two others Xan and Kyo and severed. Noting this, Toa could only say “I think we’re in trouble.”

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