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Campaign Ideas!

I think that we all want to see something new in SWBF3, and I for one would like to see a LOT of new content to keep me playing for a long time. One thing I've been thinking about is the single player campaign and what it will be like.
I personally want four campaigns, One from the old republic, One from the clone wars, one from galactic civil war, and one from the yuuzzhan vong war. I know

of course this not going to happen but I like to day dream and find out what other people want, so I'd like to hear ideas, opinions, arguments. every that has to do with the future campaign. But just remember that this solely for entertainment purposes and i don't honestly think that most of my ideas are going to happen.

so With the old republic campaign. I would like the story to indirectly follow the story of the characters in kotor. So every few levels is one that goes along with a part from kotor, but they would have to even it out with other missions with other planets. And I would like they're weapons to match up with kotor as well.

The clone wars campaign can be left alone or even taken out, same goes with, galactic civil war, was a bit short though

the yuuzzhan vong war should be loosely based upon the new jedi order series. I think that the yuuzzhan vong would be sweet to play as. Especially since all they're weapons are living the next gen graphics and engine could really make those cool. And taking them down would be really fun.

once again, I know this would never happen but it's still fun.
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