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Originally Posted by shukkoku View Post
so With the old republic campaign. I would like the story to indirectly follow the story of the characters in kotor. So every few levels is one that goes along with a part from kotor, but they would have to even it out with other missions with other planets. And I would like they're weapons to match up with kotor as well.
How would that ever work, aside from maybe Onderon and Dantoine and Kashykk to an extent, there arent really any instances where its more than just your party fighting in all of both KotORs, plus that would just screw with an already great cannon story, it would be far safer to make up all of the battles from either from scratch or things that were mentioned but never seen, ie Mandy War battles and Rep vs Sith battles. You could still have the places reven and exile went to as IA and MP battles though.
Originally Posted by shukkoku View Post
The clone wars campaign can be left alone or even taken out, same goes with, galactic civil war, was a bit short though
That would be suicide to the game IMO, the majority of the people who buy BF2 arent going to be the EU content encyclopedias, they might have played the kotors or RC but most will have just seen the movies, and taking the movies out of the game is taking away their main draw and most of the game's audience.

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