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Who's up for a little WII?

I have heard rumors that SWBF3 isn't coming to the wii, I personally would like it on they're list of titles. The wii has very few games and most of which are cheap excuses to fill up the racks at Eb games. Maybe I'm so bias is because I own it. Yes! it's true! I own a wii! is that such a crime!? sorry, every one I've spoken to is anti-wii.
I heard, and I quote "The wii could not handle what they had intended for the game" An answer to this would be to lower what they had to so it would work on the wii. For the force unleashed they hired a completely new studio to work on it, so I think it's shallow reasoning.

I am waiting for official confirmation on which systems they're making it for, because I know that there are a lot of rumors spreading through the internet. So for now I'm wading through the junk, sampling as I go.
I certainly hope it comes out on the wii, It would be a LOT of fun, i think I'd even buy the zapper

so post what you think, are you for or against the wii? what do think they should do?
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