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Iceberg - A JA SP Map

Iceberg (v3)

Lo all,

Technically, this map isn't finished. The reason I'm posting it, is because I'd like to more or less showcase its development as I redo the entire thing after a hard-drive failure (and sufficient lack of correctly backing up old files).

The map was first conceived back when I applied for a Uni degree in Games Design. I used GTK to create a singe-player level in which a plucky Jedi set in the NJO era had to investigate the ruins of an Imperial Base on an Icy planetoid, and do battle with a couple of experimental Force sensitive Imperial scientists. Not very original I know, but I lost the initial version (bearing in mind this goes back about 6 years), and as such, focused my attention on my degree.
I picked up the project after I finished Uni and begun redesigning the map with pretty much the same layout, but with more detail (and using many level design skills I'd learnt over the years).

Within 3 months, I had the map blocked out, detailed, textured, modelled and scripted with events as opposed to a narrative (puzzles etc), and took many screenies and videos, which are the only remainign evidence this hard labour of love existed.

In April of this year, a friend leant me an uhm, 'copy' of a Gary Newman CD, which was riddled with trojans, and subsequently ransacked my Hard-drive.

I thought I'd backed up the correct .map and .bsp file's, but, they were a very, very early version of the very first room re-concieved and as such, Iceberg 2.0 was no more.

(For said screenies, see my temp folio site;

So now, after 3 days of hard work, I've completely managed to block out the map once again, with a slight tint of evolution, and have begun re-developing for the third (and hopefully final) time, Iceberg.

Any ideas or comments?
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